Keyser: Dispatch Center Location Still Unknown

Columnist Leigh Keyser talks about the future of emergency dispatch in the two towns plus capping the landfill and other musings.

As I stated last week, no predictions on the weather. Just hope that spring is coming slowly to the area. One item on that is daylight saving time is now back. So, even if it snows, it will be light out most of the time.

In happenings around the two towns, an item that is attracting attention in Wenham is the recent to OK the fire and police departments to join the proposed dispatch center in Middleton.

The possible new center has yet to be built, but latest word is that construction will start shortly, now that enough communities have signed up for the service. Several stories in local newspapers have given different outlooks on whether the new dispatch is a good plan or that older, ones already in place centers, are a better plan.

In Wenham, a for an warrant item to be included at the annual town meeting, to rescind the vote by the board and for the town to continue using the Hamilton dispatch center as in past years.

In comments heard around both towns in regards to this situation, with the Hamilton center in a brand new building and new dispatch equipment, and folks liking the local connection, the feeling is keep the center right there.

A added item to the ongoing saga is that the Police Department in Ipswich said in a recent newspaper article that they are looking into being a dispatch center for several towns in the area. Nothing like adding a little interest about where the towns go in coming up with a dispatch center.

With cities and towns in the area wondering how to keep operating with the cost of everything going up and only so much coming in from taxes, folks can come on Wednesday, March 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the and listen to Barbara Anderson, the well know speaker on tax issues. The meeting is sponsored by the group, Enough is Enough, who work to keep town budgets as low as possible and without using overrides to balance the yearly budgets.

And speaking of town budgets, have heard several comments from folks about the fact that after 30 years of the landfill being capped, suddenly there is an item for $2.5 million to finish the work. It would appear that more information should be forthcoming from the Town Manager on this item.

Also, mark your calendars for April 2, which is a Saturday, to come to the and check out the second annual Senior Information Forum from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

That’s all for this week. Remember, live today, as tomorrow is not promised, bye, bye.


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