Hamilton Voters Led Down the Garden Path

Plan With Zero Entry Portion
Plan With Zero Entry Portion

I have often wondered how projects get out of hand and why people tolerate it.

Well, I am now getting an education on just that phenomenon.


It seems that the BOS, CPC and Rec. Board, along with the town manager, have adopted various strategies that override, avoid, maneuver, and otherwise sidetrack legitimate concerns regarding the Pool Project. 


Here is how it works:

When queried about going ahead with a project voted down by Town vote in the fall, it seems that it is everybody else’s fault – this is avoidance #1. 

How about offers from legitimate professionals to review and present the voters with a more cost effective Project?  Answer: “ I’ll call you if I need you” – this is maneuver #2.  How about the old Washington two-step? “You must go to the other board before you can speak at the CPC “ – this is maneuver #3.   

Then there is:  “ If you set foot on the pool area I’ll have Chief Stevens arrest you” - A really citizen friendly maneuver #4. 

And the piece de resistance, the total avoidance and disregard of the planning board, the elected board charged with land use and review of parking, curb cuts, and site review - avoidance #5.   


OK, so I am the gnat fly, but that does not alter the facts—there are a growing number of citizens who are now being dismissed to avoid any divergence from the current snow job being perpetrated on the Town’s voters.


Am I upset? You bet. We constantly complain about our taxes.  The BOS does not seem to get it.  They pressure the School Committee to cut cut cut---but are backing a second attempt (circumventing the Town’s vote not to build) to spend now $2.3 million TAX dollars on an elaborate pool.  It is clear that our children’s education is of a lower priority that a recreational facility for a few.   What is even more upsetting is that they are using circuitous means to make this same overly expensive pool move ahead in spite of a majority of the Town’s people voicing doubts about its expense at this point in the Town’s current economic climate.


We do need to rebuild the current pool, but the Town voters do not want the over-the-top, overly expensive plan being pushed upon us once again.  A majority of voters want to replace the present pool, which has a capacity beta load of 75, not a beta load of 340 which is what is proposed.  We need to make it crystal clear to the Board of Selectmen that there is a spending limit on the Pool Project of $1.2M with no bonding.  Whatever funds not covered from contributions from the Hamilton CPC, and possibly the Wenham CPC(if any), must be raised through private contributions and fund raising events.

Jay Burnham February 24, 2014 at 08:37 AM
Michelle…From what I have read, the comments you find so apprehensible were made in reference to sciolistic statements that were made. You can take them out of context if you think it will improve your argument, but if someone makes a fatuous analogy, they should not cry foul when it is pointed out as such. That's know as deflection. By the way, I was referring Richard B. calling one of our members. The police were notified, so there is a record.
Ron Powell February 24, 2014 at 12:50 PM
Just passing through the OK Corral here on the way to the faro table. Good thing I ducked. I like the fact that 'sciolistic' was used in a comment, though -- that is an excellent word. Anyway, I enjoy reading all of your comments -- whether it's Michelle, Carol, Bob, Richard, William, Jay, etc. Has there been any mention made of ways that the bond will be offset via fees, etc.? Also, the thing to remember about overrides is they are compounding in nature. So a $1 million override in one year becomes a $5 million override over five years and $10 million over ten years, for example. Plus, overrides increase the maximum tax levy under Prop 2.5 in subsequent years as well, so you have to consider that. A $1 million override in one year adds $25,000 to the levy in the following year, and that, too, must be compounded over time. Take a moment to remember the Nagy and Lantych families on this sad and tragic anniversary. And be nice to each other!
Jay Burnham February 24, 2014 at 01:00 PM
Greetings, Ron. Long time no hear from! Thank you for your reminder of the compounding nature of overrides. In EiE's tally of $85+ million from the overrides, we used only the CUMMULATIVE amount derived from the payments + the 2.5% you mentioned. That's very, very simple math... for those out there that have demanded others do it for them. And thank you for reminding us to remember those that are no longer with us.
richard boroff February 24, 2014 at 02:08 PM
Mr. Burnham said above: " By the way, I was referring Richard B. calling one of our members. The police were notified, so there is a record." If anyone is interested in checking the veracity of this statement a simple phone call the the Hamilton Police Dept will suffice.
Jay Burnham February 25, 2014 at 07:57 AM
Last night (2/24) the Joint Recreation Committee met with the Blue Ribbon Committee and this topic was discussed, as were many others. Sean Timmons stated that Weston & Sampson has known all along that the plan encroaches the neighbor's land and that W&S was told to draw it anyway in hopes that the neighbor (Myopia) would acquiesce. At this point, that does not appear to be the case. As a result, the plans may have to be redrawn and possibly even a new RFP issued to reflect any necessary changes. All of which will take time, which is now in short supply with the Annual Town Meeting coming up in just 39 days. Other items were discussed, such as Operational vs Structural bather loads, a traffic study that recommends a new crossing and traffic light, responsibility for annual operations and maintenance, programming projections, capital costs, timelines and more. It was a very productive, open and informative meeting with good discussion and answers to the Blue Ribbon Committee's many questions.


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