Five Things That Say Christmas in Hamilton and Wenham

When you look around the two towns, what says Christmas to you? Here are some of our ideas. Do you have some? Add it in the comments section below.

We’re three days away from Christmas Day and as we look around the two towns, here are some things that say Christmas to us.

The lighted gazebo: Almost every town has a Christmas tree, but in addition to the Christmas tree at , there’s also the lighted gazebo at . It really is an eye-catching holiday sight each evening.

EdFund Christmas tree sale: It’s become an important Christmas-time ritual for many families to get their Christmas tree at the at Patton Park. The sale has a lot of supporters, including many who stood up to make sure the sale was well-represented on a that was on Patch earlier this month. The event is one of the major annual fundraiser for the group.

Wenham Town Hall Christmas tree: It’s so cute – the little Christmas tree, helped to stay standing with a bevy of ropes, in front of says Christmas to the thousands of drivers that pass the building each day.

Snowflake banners: New to downtown this year, the snowflake banners hanging from the light poles in downtown Hamilton say Christmas (and the holidays and winter season, in general). The banners were purchased with some of the $5,000 that to decorate the downtown during holidays.

Peter Stewart: He at , he hosted the and this week led at the . Peter Stewart really gets into the Christmas spirit and helps take charge at many holiday events. When we think Christmas, Stewart comes to mind.


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