Five Things That Hamilton and Wenham Are Thankful For

On Thanksgiving Day, we stop to take a look at a few things we are thankful for. But we didn't get them all. What are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments.

On Thanksgiving Day 2011, we stop to give thanks to just a few of the things that people in both towns have to be thankful for. And maybe we missed something that everyone in Hamilton and Wenham should be thankful for, so feel free to add it in the comments section at the bottom.

1. Electric power: After all we saw last month with power outages in various areas of the state affected by the early-season snowfall, we can all be thankful it was not us.

Here in the two towns, we dealt with a spate of ongoing power outages last winter too. But nothing compared to the pain we saw from the Merrimack Valley and Foxboro areas, for example, in late October. So for that, we are thankful for having our electric power.

2. First Responders: There are more people that have the day off from work on Thanksgiving than almost any other day of the year. But if you pick up the phone to call 911 on Thanksgiving, a , firefighter or EMT will show up. And in some cases, our may actually being getting up from their own turkey dinner to help others. So we are thankful they are there today, and every day. Plus, we are also thankful for the dispatchers who answer those calls, since “911 never closes.”

3. Landscape: No matter where you go in the two towns, the landscape is pleasing to the eye. Nowhere do huge stretches of pavement scar the scene or do you see strips of flashing lights. It’s more common to see a horse, or a hawk, than it is to see a red light. That’s not something everyone has out their front door, or in their backyard. We are thankful.

4. Locally Owned Businesses: As we head into the biggest shopping season of the year that’s dominated by big box specials and sales, we can be thankful that the two towns are filled we so many small, locally owned businesses. Whether it is Steve Connolly at or Pat Purdy at , at almost every business you walk into in the two towns you can talk to the owner. It is such a refreshing way to do business.

Plus, we have some great farms. How many other communities can boast having such wonderful choices such as , and ? 

5. Athletes: As the 9-0 football team , we are grateful to the incredible athletic talent in the two towns. And, for that matter, academic talent too. The College Bowl team’s this season is just one example in that regard.

Just this year we have already seen another and , last year saw impressive seasons from both soccer teams, the boys’ basketball team, lacrosse and both tennis teams.

And it all starts young. So we are thankful for the legions of youth sports coaches - from lacrosse to soccer, baseball to football - that spend so much time working with youngsters to help them grow as athletes and as people.

Jennifer Flynn November 24, 2011 at 01:43 PM
the patch, Gabe's Run, Melody Miles, my neighbors, the volunteer coaches, the teaches, the people who run the snow plows, open fields and trails, the community house, green meadows farm, our cute, clean downtown, Hamilton-Wenham green community, the library, the people!


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