Five Reasons Why H-W Thinks It's Better Than Ipswich Off the Field

A fun look at the two towns versus their Thanksgiving Day rival - Ipswich.

Thursday’s focus will be on the field, where we’re hoping for a big Generals win. But here’s a fun look at some other reasons why Hamilton-Wenham is better than Ipswich off the gridiron.

No. 9: The was by Boston magazine, on par with perennially top-notch districts such as Weston, Lexington, Wellesley and Newton. Ipswich clocked in at No. 41.

World Class: It was more than 100 years ago, but hosted the U.S. Open four times – in 1898, 1901, 1905, and 1908. But since then, the club has remained a top names in golf, with two of the country’s top 100 homes on its 18-hole course.

We know that Ipswich has the Ipswich County Club and the gated neighborhood around it, but that lacks the history and splendor at the hunt club, with its classic clubhouse and long tradition of foxhunts too.

We Work Together: Hamilton and Wenham have a spirit of working together that goes back more than a generation and is a level of cooperation that is unmatched by Ipswich, or any other community in the state. With the schools and dispatch center decades ago and more recently expanding to the and recreation department, we are partners. Outside government, it expands to everything such as youth sports (soccer, lacrosse and football, for example) to civic groups (Garden Club, Rotary and the , for example).

Our Own Rivalry: We barely need the Ipswich rivalry when right here we have own our rivalry. It’s often you’ll hear how Hamilton is better than Wenham, or vice-versa. And there’s even been Facebook pages set up to fuel the rivalry. So while we’re talking about how the two towns are better than Ipswich, we could spend just as much time talking about how we’re better than ourselves.

Sports: The Thanksgiving game is focused on football but Generals athletics – across the board – always put up a valiant effort versus the Tigers. The youth football JVC put up an amazing goal line stand this fall versus Ipswich, the boys’ soccer team beat Ipswich this fall and last year our lacrosse and basketball team showed the Tigers what we’re made of.

What makes Hamilton-Wenham better than Ipswich for you?

Mormons May 19, 2012 at 03:13 AM
The lack of any comment proves the truth: HW blows. Tigers own... Booyah. You can look it up.
Steph May 19, 2012 at 12:08 PM
At least Generals can read dates! This is SOOO six months ago. ;-)


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