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Tisei Spurns GOP Convention

The Congressional candidate opposes the state committee’s platform, which opposes gay marriage and abortion rights.

Congressional candidate Richard Tisei. File photo.
Congressional candidate Richard Tisei. File photo.

By Les Masterson

Congressional candidate Richard Tisei said he will not attend the state Republican convention this weekend because of his opposition to the state committee’s more socially conservative platform.

“I don’t want to go and be seen in any way to be endorsing that,”Tisei told The Boston Globe. “I don’t really feel comfortable being at a convention where the platform takes the party backward, rather than forward, as far as appealing to a large group of Massachusetts voters.”

The Massachusetts Republican State Committee approved language in its party platform last month that includes opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

According to MassLive, the platform includes this about gay marriage:

“We believe the institution of traditional marriage strengthens our society. There should be no infringement on the rights of the people of Massachusetts to vote on ballot initiatives.”

On abortion, it reads:

“We affirm the inherent dignity and sanctity of human life. We believe that every instance of abortion is tragic. We advocate policies that will assist a woman during a crisis pregnancy.” 

Steve Aylward, a state committee member who voted for the platform, said he was surprised by Tisei’s announcement given that Tisei talks about the need for “inclusion” in the Republican Party.

“I don’t understand why he would avoid the convention if that’s his true belief,” Aylward told The Boston Globe. “It raises the question if he wants only inclusive people that agree with him. You can’t be inclusive and exclude.”


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