Top Local Stories From the Past Week

A look back at the past week of local news stories in Hamilton and Wenham.

Last week was a very busy week - newswise - in Hamilton and Wenham. Here's a look at the top five stories:


One of the co-chairman of the Wenham War Memorial Committee resigned on Friday, the latest development in the years-running debate about constructing a war memorial in the town center.

Bruce Blanchard said it may have been him that was getting in the way of a compromise on the design. and there has not been agreement on its shape, size and look.

2. Two Interim Principals Named for Both Middle School and High School

Two key positions in the school system were filled in the past week. Interim principals were hired for both and . John Hughes, the retired principal at , . John Driscoll of Beverly, who first the past year has been an assistant principal at a Revere middle school, .

3. Sweltering Heat

Some of the hottest weather in years rolled in late last week, with temperatures flirting with 100. No major heat-related issues were reported in the two towns as and Patch .


The largest development currently planned in Hamilton – a 43-unit senior housing complex on the existing property – is now getting a look from four different engineers.

At the center of the e. The developer, Jerry Dawson, and the Planning Board have each hired an engineer. A group of neighbors on Bradford and Sharon roods, to the south of the property, and Peter Britton, who owns to the north, have each hired engineers too. A decision about the project from the Planning Board is expected by September.

An 80- year old water main under Hull Street near the Beverly and Wenham town line burst early Tuesday, cutting water service for a time to about 150 homes and .

By first thing on Tuesday morning almost everyone had their water back and just a small number of customers remained affected as repairs continued on Tuesday.


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