Severe Thunderstorms Possible Friday Afternoon and Evening

An alert for the possibility of severe thunderstorms has been issued for Essex County, including Hamilton and Wenham.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning that severe thunderstorms may creep up on Hamilton and Wenham and the rest of Essex County Friday afternoon and evening.

"A few thunderstorms may become severe with the primary threat being damaging wind gusts," the alert says. "Heavy rainfall will also be a concern which could lead to isolated flooding if storms move over the same areas."

The storms are expected to start between 2 and 3 p.m. and move toward the coast this evening.

If you're planning to be outdoors, use caution and watch for gathering storm clouds.

Flooding could be an issue too.

If your power goes out, call National Grid's power outage hotline at 1-800-465-1212.


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