Local Fund to Help NY Historical Site Plan Its Future

The Perkin Fund, a Hamilton non-profit which each year makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to groups near and far, has made a donation to a historic fort in upstate New York to help it plan for the future.

A donation from a Hamilton-based non-profit group will help fund an in-depth look at the future of a historical site in upstate New York.

The Perkin Fund of Hamilton recently awarded an $85,000 grant to Fort Ticonderoga, which sits on the shores of Lake Champlain in New York, to begin “a three-step process to determine how best to serve its visitors and showcase its buildings, programs, tours and exhibits,” according to the Albany Times Union.

The fund, founded in 1976, is run out of a small office building on Bay Road in downtown Hamilton.

Some of the other recipients of the fund’s donations have included $25,000 to and Boston Children’s Museum and $100,000 to Boston Children’s Hospital in 2009, the most recent year when information is available. In all that year, $860,000 in donations were made by the Perkin Fund and another $433,000 was designated for future contributions, including $15,000 to the , according to publicly available tax information.

At Fort Ticonderoga - a private, non-profit historical site that marks the site of the first major win for the Patriots in 1775 during the Revolutionary War - PGAV Destinations of St. Louis will head the design process.

Beth Hill, the Fort’s executive director, told the Times Union that the work will be “defining for Fort Ticonderoga's future.”


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