Hidden Gem: Grand Wenham Canal

Discover a Hidden Gem in Wenham that you may have driven by and never known it existed. Or maybe you have not visited this interesting spot in years. So take a little trip with Patch and we'll show you the way.

The Grand Wenham Canal, hiding north of Cherry Street, was built in 1917, both for the transport of water and for recreational canoeists. It is also popular today for dog walkers.

At around a mile long, the canal is a perfect walk for you and your dog. It is stunningly peaceful and the only noises that are typically heard come from the birds in the trees just off the banks and the occasional bark from a dog. It really is a hidden gem for those seeking solitude away from the hustle of the town, with not only dog walkers, but also joggers and students studying along the canal bank.

It is not just the walk along the canal that is worth the visit, but venturing in to the shade of the woods on either side of the waterway. With vast amounts of woodland to explore, including the Wenham Swamp, you can get lost for hours in this picture perfect world of wildlife. The simple, green stretch of land is the perfect place  to come and relax after a stressful day or to go for a run in the early hours of the morning. It remains virtually unchanged for nearly a century.

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