11 Properties Changed Hands in Two Weeks in Both Towns

A look at the homes that sold in Hamilton and Wenham in the second half of June. Look below the photos for a chart with all the details about each home.

Wondering what property sold in Hamilton and Wenham recently? Thinking about moving or just wondering how much that house you drive by all the time sold for? 

Twice a month on Thursdays, Hamilton-Wenham Patch highlights properties that have recently sold. Below, find the sale prices and other statistics.

On most Fridays, we give you five local homes holding open houses on Sunday.

Address List Price Sale Price Style Square Feet Lot Size Bed/Bath/Rooms land off Woodside Lane, Wenham unknown $187,000 land N/A .77 acre N/A 7 Lake Dr., Hamilton unknown $260,000 Ranch 1,376 .19 acre 3/1/6 148 Main St., unit 3, Wenham unknown $400,000 commercial condo unknown unknown N/A 57 Maple St., Wenham $494,900 $423,400 Colonial 2,935 1.38 acre 4/1.5/9 110 Railroad Ave., Hamilton $450,000 $434,800 Colonial 2,280 .19 acre 4/2.5/8 162 Main St., Wenham unknown $450,000 retail and office space unknown unknown unknown 3 Patti Lane, Wenham $480,000 $469,000 Cape Cod 2,059 .49 acre 5/2/8 8 Anthony Road, Hamilton $519,000 $525,000 Colonial 2,442 .52 acre 4/2.5/9 114 Cedar St., Wenham $642,000 $539,500 Colonial 2,400 .96 acre 4/2.5/8 12 Rubbly Road, Wenham $559,000 $550,000 Gambrel 2,508 .92 acre 3/3/8 22 Parsons Hill Road, Wenham $845,000 $805,000 Colonial 4,757 .46 acre 4/2.5/11
Mitch C. July 13, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Anne, You comment is misguided in so many ways, not the least of which is its place (following a short list of real estate sales). I suspect you are in one way or another upset by what you perceive as the wealth of others, and if by chance I'm correct in this assumption, then you're far from alone. But I might suggest trolling online articles relevant to the economic and fiscal matters you are intent on debating. You're also bound to learn something about these topics about which you now understand little.
Anne Sweeney July 14, 2012 at 02:27 AM
When Barack Obama, John Tierney and Elizabeth Warren are re-elected and newly elected, opportunity will be afforded to the masses in lieu of a select few. @Ron, you barely have a point. While working in a senior group home. I ran into an eighty eight year old group of ladies, American citizens from portugal. I asked why the rest of their families were not in America. They answered that life was better where they were. Good news for anti-immigration. Not so good for America which once offered a standard of living, second to none. @Mitch, I choose to do the work I enjoy so therefore you are right. I perceive others as insensitive to the plight of Americas poor and indigent. When seniors have told me that their families have abandoned them in Nursing homes, no calls, no contact and barely eating while sacrificing food for their meds. You bet I am upset. The Greed of many have turned the larger population against what wealth represents in America ? Look at all the rich Americans who attend a Baseball games at Fenway Park, while right around the corner our elderly, sick and poor are picking through dumpsters. Don't impugn my dignity because I feel America has no culture, no heart or soul. Charity should start here in America, not spending billions of dollars on wars through out the world. It is you who lack the back bone, in speaking out that America is wrong. Jean Kirkpatrick of the United Nations, years past would have made a better president than Kennedy.
john July 14, 2012 at 11:51 AM
You make absolutley zero sense.
Ron Powell July 14, 2012 at 05:01 PM
I believe that you meant a group of eighty-eight year old ladies, "better" is a highly subjective adjective, the US lies somewhere between 4th and 17th in the world in standard of living -- depending on your metric, the US is between the first and fifth most generous nation in the world -- depending on your metric, and one way to attract immigrants is by letting them keep the money they earn working in the US. The problem in the US is not so much economic disparity, though that is a problem, but a decline in social mobility over the last decade. That is to say, America has always had its poor, often in the form of first generation immigrants arriving in the US for economic opportunity, but in the past, those who were poor stood a better chance of seeing themselves or their children rise up the ladder of income and wealth. That's not happening as much any more, but I think that that has less to do with effective tax rates than lack of opportunities. I don't think that punishing the successful will solve much. The problem is access to capital, a problem worsened after the great recession. Wealth isn't a zero sum game, but not everyone is getting the same opportunities to succeed. And what in blazes does any of this have to do with local home sales during the second half of June??
Anette July 15, 2012 at 01:11 PM
I agree with John, you have no clue Anne.


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