Shaw's Cuts Jobs

Sources say 700 jobs are cut across a number of stores in New England, including at the North Beverly store.

Shaw's Supermarkets have cuts jobs in New England, including at its North Beverly store.

The supermarket chain owned by Supervalu, Inc. is cutting 700 positions across 169 stores, including at its Star Market locations, according to an AP story on the Huffington Post. This follows a second-quarter loss for the company, which fired its CEO in July.

See the full AP story on Huffington Post.

The company announced that the layoffs do not "impact Shaw's overall commitment to the communities it serves."

See the full press release on Daily Finance. 

At the North Beverly store, sources said that 11 people were cut on Friday.

kerstin locherie November 03, 2012 at 03:12 PM
If they cut anymore help in North Beverly. It will be all self help and self check out ! I believe those job reports coming out are all part time and low paying jobs. After the election the unemployment rate will up tick to 8.2%. As many new company austerity measures have not been factored in. Also US Statistics are leaving out certain key states such as California in the Metric announcements. The main stream media is trying to put lip stick on a pig. If it works we will reap what we vote this time around. Before, we were in deep so it really didn't matter who was elected. Now, it is imperictive that we have a domestic president elected and someone with macro and micro economic expertise. Otherwise, printing more money will erode the value and our seniors won't even be able to find jobs at Shaws in North Beverly, Bagging and collecting carriages. If you visit parts of Florida, this is the site one sees. In fact many elderly, if they see you coming and know you tip a dollar for helping them, they fight for that customer upon check out, bagging and taking the carriage out to the customers car. Is this what we want for our elderly who have worked over 60 years many of them, only to find a hostile environment at the end of their years. I was sad to see a crippled senior citizen climbing the stairs to Hamilton Town Hall. She paid part in cash and part in check, dropping coins on the floor. She barely hobbled back out to her old and rusted car.


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