More Than Horses: Dog Agility Trials A Crowd Pleaser

Canine Companions of Hamilton held its agility trials at the Putnam Boston Equestrian Classic on Saturday to the delight of onlookers and participants.

It was a dog’s ideal late summer day at the for an agility competition for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The competition was one of the many non-horse related activities on Saturday, during day three of the at Schooling fields in Hamilton.

Participants were prepped and ready to run the course including tunnels, A-frames and hoops. One entrant, in particular, did not sweat the obstacles and found even the most challenging ones a breeze even though he has been deaf since birth.

Sebastian, an 8-year-old Sata rescued from Puerto Rico, was lovingly adopted by his owner Jada Veator at three-months-old. Veator, who worked at a YMCA camp for children with disabilities in 1991, decided she would teach Sebastian sign language. It worked.

“He knows all the commands and even ‘I love you’,” said Veator.

Five years ago, Veator met Carol Hecker Davis, who owns in Hamilton, and entered Sebastian into agility classes.  Veator and Sebastian have grown even closer than before enjoying the coursework together.

Davis says she encourages students and their owners to continue to go to different places and to be surrounded by different venues and experiences.

“I have taught and been involved in obedience and agility training for 30 years and really encourage them to get as much experience as possible,” says Davis.

Other entrants enjoy and learn from Davis as well.

One and a half year-old Wyatt started training last fall for agility courses and had the second fastest time for the 12-inch height category.

“This is Wyatt’s first competition and we are having fun,” said owner Leah Bishop. Bishop and Wyatt are from Hamilton.

Prizes were awarded to the perfectly coiffed canines and a good time was had by all.


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