Wenham Town Band to Pay Tribute to Baseball History on Saturday

Enon Brass, a 22-member Wenham Town Band, will continue the tradition of founder David Clark during a performance on Saturday at Wenham Museum.

The tradition of the Wenham Town Band will continue on Saturday as “Enon Brass” performs at .

The performance will be part of a weekend event to , scheduled to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park.

Since 1974, when the Wenham town band - founded by David Clark – first started, it has gone by several names.

Clark died last year and the band is now headed by Kevin Carubia.

“We’re trying to keep David’s tradition alive,” Carubia said.

Clark was a meticulous record-keeper and those records, including band uniforms, records, instruments and other items. Clark was a careful "preserver of history and heritage," Carubia said. Someday, his personal archives will be donated to Wenham Museum.

"His wish was that those records will come to the museum," said Jane Bowers, the museum’s exhibitions curator.

For now, though, the history of the Wenham town band is on display in an exhibit at the museum.

“It’s a history of how the band developed,” Bowers said.

The band went by various names for different events. For example, for the national bicentennial in 1976, the band went by the name “Flags and Drums of Wenham.”

On Saturday, the band will perform as Enon Brass.

"We went back to our original name - Enon Brass," Carubia said, noting it is the "flagship band."

The Regimental band was typically for marching and the summer community band was typically a combination of both.

Wenham Museum is “a great venue for our talents,” Carubia said, talking excitedly about the band's role in an event at the museum where the band's history is being so prominently displayed the exhibit hall through June.

“We’ll be doing all our music as if we are at a baseball game at the beginning of the 20th century,” Carubia said.

The band will play from 1 to 3 p.m. in Burnham Hall at the museum.

Carubia, a music teacher with a Master's Degree who right now is on leave to be a stay-at-home father, said he is very proud to take over leadership of the band from Clark, who he said "North Shore treasure" who for nearly 40 years headed a band that was "loved and cherished by the Wenham community."

The band is open to residents outside Wenham. Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to contact Carubia via e-mail at kcarubia@aim.com.


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