VIDEO: Student Musicians To Help Runners Keep the Beat at Melody Miles Races

More than 40 students will be contributing their energy and talents to the Friends of the Arts much loved annual Melody Miles race.

Thanks to the annual , the streets of Hamilton and Wenham on Saturday, May 28 may have more in common with late night haunts of early 1960s Hamburg, Germany than most people might think. The reason - teenagers and guitars, and for that matter drums and the occasional violin, piano and saxophone, too.

Paul, John, George and Ringo might never have become household names if it weren’t for the dark clubs of Hamburg. And in a few years time ‘Distant Sun’ band members Tim Swerves, Aaron Whitman, Brian Rogers, Michael Spearing and Ethan Whitman of might have the same to say about Bay Road, Bridge Street and Larch Row. On May 28 they, along with a generous number of their peers, will perform music for runners and spectators along the Melody Miles racecourse. At the conclusion of the races ‘Distant Sun’ will play a full set at HWRHS as a featured act.

“Thirty to 40 kids will be involved this year when all is said and done,” according to HWRHS choir director Abby Frost. Telling of the event’s popularity she added, “Even the elementary and middle school kids get involved.”

Although many opt to contribute their musical talents to this event - which is organized by Friends of the Arts to raise funds to support Hamilton-Wenham’s arts programs - others like choir members April Dupee choose to participate in other ways. This year Dupee will be helping guide runners to stay on course.

Skye Bellenis, who has been participating in the event since she was 10 when she ran the race in Teva sandles, speaks highly of the event’s effectiveness at building community. She and friends recalled that one year, “an 82-two year old woman ran and she was the life of the party.”

The start and finish of the Melody Miles road race is at the . Anyone who is not yet registered is welcome to register from 9 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. the day of the race. Race-day registration is $20, checks made payable to Hamilton-Wenham FOTA. The 5-mile and 5 kilometer races begin at 10 a.m. and the one-mile fun run begins at 10:45.


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