Main Street Clock Tower in Wenham Gets A Facelift

This distinctive four-way clock was once cared for by Harmon Hunt.

The clock tower located at 300 Main St., in Wenham is getting a facelift after 25 years.

According to owner Don Costin, repairs were absolutely necessary.  “Weather conditions, particularly during bad Nor’easters, have caused leaking,” said Costin.

The project was relatively a quick and easy fix, taking just four days.

According to Costin, rotted boards were taken out and replaced with new ones and new flashing was added. “Now all we are waiting on is the painters and the project will be complete,” notes Costin.

Costin has resided at that very location for 25 of the 42 years since he has owned this property.

The four-way clock is of distinctive interest, according to Annette Janes, member of the Hamilton Historical Society and author of the new book, “Wenham,” (Arcadia Publishing) which is due out in late November.  In the book, Janes devotes a blurb about how Costin saved the tower portion from Haddam Hall, which was part of the Centreville Elementary School in Beverly. 

The clock had been, at one time, cared for by Harmon Hunt, a master clock and watchmaker from Massachusetts. The magnificent gears, wheels, pulleys and weights remind the passerby that sometimes time really does stand still.


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