Gordon College Provides Stage for Apple iTunes Video of the Week

Local music video director brought shooting for indie rock band Guster's music video "Do You Love Me?" to Wenham and on Tuesday it was named Apple iTunes video of the week.

When the Gordon College community - from the students to the grounds crew - hear the lyrics to Guster's "Do You Love Me?" wafting from radio and lap-top speakers this week, their collective answer to the question is bound to be a resounding "yes."

Formed in 1991 by Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller, and Brian Rosenworcel while the three were students at Tufts University, Guster has produced six albums and won a solid fan base performing locally and nationally on shows such as The Late Show With David Letterman. The band has been touring internationally since 1999.

But on Tuesday, thanks to Apple iTunes, the band known for its humor, vocal harmonies, and signature instrumentation got a whole lot more exposure with "Do You Love Me?" being named the iTunes video of the week.

Chad Carlberg, son of Gordon College President R. Judson Carlberg, shot the video for the lead track from the band's new album "Easy Wonderful" on Aug. 2-3 at Gordon's Barrington Center for the Arts.

 "We made such a mess," says Carlberg, later laughing and joking that he was surprised he didn't get his father fired.

 "But then the (Margaret Jensen) Theatre we used is named for my (maternal) grandmother," Carlberg said. "She was an author of thirteen books, she was a storyteller, and she was very supportive of my interest in theater."

"The theater is there because of me," Chad adds, coloring his words with humble awe for his grandmother. Quiet for a moment he then adds, "She was big, a big presence. And she donated the money for the center."

Though Margaret Jensen died about four years ago, her spirit manifests itself in her grandson's work.

"I strive for the thing that is impossible. My work is always a bastardization of what I planned," explains Carlberg. "I go for the quickest, dirtiest way to make the best thing possible."

Carlberg's vivid words give a good sense of what to expect of his "Do You Love Me?" video for those who have not seen it. Long before Carlberg's good friend Rosenworcel, the drummer for Guster, called him when looking for an artist to hire for the "Easy Wonderful" album cover, Chad knew just the man for the job.

"He's a good friend, I've known him for ten years," says Chad of Jon Sarkin, the man he recommended.

"With Jon you can expect a huge mess," Chad explains about Sarkin, a Gloucester resident and chiropractor turned visual artist - because of or despite suffering a severe stroke when he was 35.

Sarkin possesses an artistic energy that is all but uncontainable, Carlberg said.

"It is always the way he is - obsessive," says Carlberg. "But his art stands for itself."

In other words Carlberg and Sarkin have more than a little something in common.

When Rosenworcel called Carlberg he was running a successful ad agency called Bait and Tackle in Gloucester turning out award winning cable TV ads for local businesses. But when their conversation revealed that Guster's record label, Universal Music, was shopping for a film company to produce a music video for "Do You Love Me?" Chad decided the gig was his to win - all that was needed was to persuade Universal.

Collaborating with Sarkin in body and soul, Chad worked up a plan that not just beat out competition from high-profile directors on both coasts, but wowed Universal's senior vice-president for music videos, Kim Garner.

In this way, in one fell swoop Carlberg was awarded the commission, and the first-time music video director/producer's company, Production Blue was born.

The end result of many sleepless nights, back-to-back days of shooting at Gordon's Center for the Arts with a crew composed of a generous number of Gordon students, is a view into the world of Sarkin's mind. Sarkin and Carlberg's music video for "Do You Love Me?" is a raucous, manic, glorious mess.


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