Your Smoking May Be Killing Your Pets

Experts now believe secondhand smoke is just as dangerous for your four-legged friends.

Credit: Les Masterson
Credit: Les Masterson

The dangers of secondhand smoke for humans have been well documented. But for your pets?

Secondhand smoke can cause cancer and respiratory problems in both dogs and cats, according to researchers, including those at Tufts University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, in a recent AP report on CBS Boston.

Cats are actually more at risk than dogs, especially when it comes to developing lymphoma and a fatal mouth cancer, according to the report. Cancer in general kills more cats and dogs than any other disease, according to Morris Animal Foundation in the report.

There might be a silver lining in this information. People who are told that secondhand smoke can harm pets might be apt to stop smoking to protect their four-legged and winged friends. A study published in Tobacco Control found that 28.4% of smokers who participated in an online survey were more motivated to quit when they heard of the secondhand smoke risks to pets. 

Would you quit smoking for the sake of your pets?

For more on the dangers of secondhand smoke for pets, read “Tufts Study: Secondhand Smoke As Harmful To Pets As To People” at CBS Boston.

J. Parker July 10, 2014 at 02:25 PM
The special interests think the rest of us are stupid. What a dumb, stupid excuse to come up with to get their way to make people quit smoking. We'd all be better off if they'd mind their own business !
deb of see-attleboro July 10, 2014 at 04:06 PM
For the sake of the argument, let's put aside all the health risks of second hand smoke. I am a non-smoking adult who will tolerate a smoker's weakness if I must. I just can't understand why a smoker would subject an innocent child or beloved pet to such discomfort. And why would anyone defend a smoker's "right" to do so?
cardiclash July 10, 2014 at 04:35 PM
If you have to have that cancer stick just take it outside so pets and children can breathe without gagging or wanting to vomit. Plain and simple
Kathy July 11, 2014 at 05:13 PM
I'm a non smoker but what really bugs me is today's view on smokers. If I wanted to smoke a legal product in my own home then I have every right to do so. And gee thanks for the memo, pets breathe the same air we do. I never would have figured that out on my own.


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