This Hamilton Mom Keeps a 'Bliss List" with the Things That Bring Joy

Get to know Heather Tripp of Hamilton, the 50th local resident profiled in the "Meet Your Neighbor" column.

Name: Heather Tripp

Street: Postgate Road, Hamilton

Family: Husband, Drew; Two kids - Joshua, 10 and Allie, 7

Occupation: Freelance graphic designer

Hobbies/interests: Art, photography, cooking, reading, exercising, I'm addicted to Pinterest - it's a problem.

Favorite quote/mantra: I adore Abraham Lincoln and his quote “Whatever you are, be a good one” is a favorite.

Something you do often that brings you joy: I keep a “Bliss List” where I write down the things that make me happy, however small. I add to the list every day and refer back to it often. Things that bring me joy can be as simple as a really good cup of coffee or how the sun looks coming into my kitchen. It's a reminder that the small things are the big things. So, keeping the list brings me joy.

What are you passionate about? Being a good mother. I remind my kids often that I am learning this job as I go and I have and will continue to make mistakes. I want my kids to know that making mistakes is part of learning. By reminding them of this my hope is they will take more emotional, social and educational risks and know that if they fail, it's OK and I will always have their backs.

What did you study in school? Graphic Design and Typography

Are you utilizing this subject now? Yes! I love being creative.

Best book: Too many favorites  - I have my classic favorites like “The Great Gatsby” and “The Catcher in the Rye” but then I get into books that really tug at my emotions and cover deep subjects like “Cutting for Stone” or “Sarah’s Key." Just when I have had enough emotion I delve into historical fiction such as “Killing Lincoln” or “Devil in the White City.”

Best movie: I'm a contradiction when it comes to movies. I love the sappy flicks like “The Notebook” and “Legends of the Fall” and then I adore Quentin Tarantino movies - especially the two Kill Bill films - violent, yet brilliant.

Dream vacation: I'm a huge fan of Renaissance art so I would love to wander through the museums of Italy, sketching along the way. 

Favorite tradition? There are so many! I make egg nog French toast for Christmas Eve dinner every year. My kids love that it's breakfast for dinner. After dinner we always read "The Night Before Christmas."

What is the coolest thing you have ever done? Finished a “Tough Mudder” race. It was a 10-mile race that featured 25 military-style obstacles. I jumped off cliffs, Army-crawled underground, scaled 12-foot walls, swam under ice and even ran through live electrical wires. It was totally nuts but incredibly fun.

Where is your favorite place on earth? Our house on Sebago Lake in Naples, Maine.

What do you wish you had done in your 20s but didn’t? Traveled through Europe.

How long have you lived in Hamilton-Wenham? Eight years

Why did you chose Hamilton-Wenham? I grew up in Salem so I knew I wanted to stay on the North Shore. When Drew and I had children we came here for the strong community presence and the great school system.

What is your favorite place in Hamilton-Wenham? I love 15 Walnut - great drinks, great food. We are lucky to have a really comfortable and delicious place to socialize with friends.

What is an a fact about you that most people don’t know? I read "The Catcher in the Rye" every year right before Christmas. I enjoy the torrid journey Holden Caufield makes through the streets of New York during the Christmas season. Does that make me dark?

Where would someone see you around town? Coaching flag football at Patton Park, shopping at Crosby's, dining at 15 Walnut, picking up sandwiches at Grassy Roots and getting a pedicure at C & L Nails.

Which local services and programs do you support? The Hamilton-Wenham EdFund and Friends of Patton Park. Both my husband and I are also very giving of our time to our fantastic sports programs in town.

Carol A Mazzetta October 01, 2012 at 11:05 AM
Love these meet your neighbor pieces, it's nice to see more young people take an interest in my town. Being a "Townie" it's nice to know the people who've moved here and why. Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Flynn October 05, 2012 at 05:44 PM
I love these too!!! Heather motivated me to start a thank you/bliss list:)


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