This Wenham Man Used to Have a 'Jay Leno Chin'

This week meet a Wenham father who got a private visit to the Oval Office.

Name: Tyson Perry Goodridge

Street: Arbor Street, Wenham

Family: Wife, Anya, owner of sugarcoated, a jewelry company. (It's holiday season, so people, buy some presents for friends and family (http://bit.ly/sugarcoatedjewelry). We have two boys; Walker, 8 and Perry, 7.

Occupation: Principal of Dialogue, a Marketing and Social Media Advisory Services firm.

Hobbies/interests: Anything with my family. Throwing a dinner party, golf, tennis and anything outdoors.

What are you passionate about? Two things: Food and marketing, specifically technology and social media. It's absolutely incredible what you can do with a cell phone, a good idea and putting smart people and ideas together.

What did you study in school? MBA (Babson) and B.A. American History (Hobart College)

Are you utilizing this subject now? Absolutely. Going to a liberal arts college taught me how to think and communicate effectively. It's so important in today's world.

Best book: "Endurance" by Alfred Lansing

Best movie: "Sound of Music," hands down. It's a timeless classic. And my wife has a thing for Captain von Trapp.

Dream vacation: Would start at the CM Ranch in Dubois, Wy., then we'd head over to Exuma in the Bahamas.

Favorite tradition? At Christmas time, we head to St. George's School in Newport for "Lessons and Carols" in the chapel. If that doesn't get you in the spirit, nothing does. Also, "Watching Love Actually." I cry. Don't judge.  

Who is your favorite local resident? Mr. and Mrs O'Shea. The patriarch and matriarch of Hamilton-Wenham. Friendliest people in town and genuinely interested in people.

What obstacle have you over come? In 1990 I had major maxio-facial surgery on my jaw. I had a chin like Jay Leno, and an underbite you wouldn't believe. They broke both jaws and wired me shut for six weeks. Had to wear wire cutters at all times in case of emergency. Drank shakes through my teeth for five weeks. (ever tried chili in a blender?) Lost 20 pounds. A week later, I hiked the "100 Mile Wilderness" of the Appalachian Trail in Maine with my scoutmaster and a few friends.

What is the coolest thing you have ever done? In 1996, I went to a wedding and the groom's cousin was an intern in the White House. I joked and
said "I'm in DC next week with a friend, does POTUS have time for a chat?"  I got an email the next day inviting me to the White House the following Thursday. This was no regular tour. The next thing I knew we were walking around the West Wing, and opened a door. I saw Betty Curie at her desk, and Buddy (Clinton's dog) on the floor wagging his tail. Moments later we
were in the Oval Office. By ourselves. Just me, a friend, and our intern guide. We sat and relished the moment for 15 minutes. Amazing.

Where is your favorite place on earth? West Chop, Martha's Vineyard. I proposed to Anya there, and both of our families have been going there for 30 plus years.

What do you wish you had done in your 20s but didn’t? Live and work overseas.

How long have you lived in Hamilton-Wenham? Coming up on 10 years.

Why did you chose Hamilton-Wenham? One of Anya's old friends grew up in Hamilton and we had a New Year's Day tradition of walking at Crane Beach. The schools, train service into Boston, and the ocean five miles away. Who doesn't love coming home from work during the summer and going for a swim at Singing Beach?

What is your favorite place in Hamilton Wenham? Honestly? Home. It's centrally located, and we can walk anywhere. My kids have a 40 second commute to
Buker, and our backyard has been home to many a baseball, football and soccer game. Plus, if it snows a lot, we make "Mt. Goodridge" in the back yard.

What is your favorite shop? It's not a shop, it's Salem Five in Hamilton. Love seeing Dennis Barnett, Katie, Marcia, and Kelly there when we do our banking. They are remarkably patient when the kids deposit the 73 cents they find in the couch. Always a smile on their faces, great customer service, and oh, free coffee.

What is a fact about you that most don’t know? I grew up in New Jersey for most of my life, and naturally, I'm a big Giants, Rangers and Yankees fan.
So our family is very modest about this. We never wear hats, shirts, belts
or jackets adorned with their logos. We never fly the Giants flag on Sundays or gloat about our two recent wins against the Patriots. And neither does Jim O'Holleran...

Do you have an usual or funny story having to do with Hamilton-Wenham?
We had a dinner party several years ago, and the sink clogged up. We then smelled gas. We called the fire department and moments later, six firefighters show up in full biohazard suits with respirators crawling around the house with their carbon monoxide detectors. They asked Anya to get the children of the house immediately. Anya said "whatever you do, do not wake up my children!" Other parents of a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old would agree, right? Anyway, a false alarm. We had some laughs and it made for a memorable night.

Where would someone see you around town? Ok, so it's not Hamilton-Wenham, but this one's a no brainer: Nick's Roast Beef

Which local services and programs do you support? We love Christ Church Parish Day School and the Ed Fund, but my wife and I are most passionate about the IFRL (Imaginary Friends Rescue League). My wife chairs the Essex County Chapter of the IFRL which partners imaginary friends with leaders and visionaries in the corporate/non-profit sector to foster creativity and innovative thought.

Lindsay Pollard December 02, 2012 at 02:05 PM
How does one get involved in the IFRL? I imagine the impact you have on creativity is immeasurable.
Michelle Bailey December 02, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Anyone wanting to shop for Sugarcoated items can attend the WVIS Shop and Sip at the Wenham Tea House on Wed. from 6:30-9. Snacks and cash bar provided by Henry's Fine Foods.
Tyson Goodridge December 03, 2012 at 04:19 AM
Thanks for the plug Michelle! and Lindsay- IFRL meeting at the same time!!


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