Lost Dog Found on Monday, Safe and Sound

A dog that went missing just after it was adopted on Sunday was found on Monday.

The tan Dachshund mix named Hank that went missing a day after being adopted this past weekend has been found.

Hank was found on Maple Street in Essex on Monday morning. It was believed he was on the east side of Hamilton or west side of Hamilton.

He was adopted on Saturday and went missing on Sunday and was not familiar with the area.

His owners, Kathy and Jim McKinnon, say he is doing great. He is eating and drinking well and has no marks on injuries.  Plus, he is wagging his tail, resting in the sun and enjoying walks around the yard with his leash. 

"This guy had already been through so much, but he is a survivor," the McKinnons said. "Now it is time for lots of loving while he acclimates to his new home and surroundings."

"Thanks for your help in looking out for him," said Hamilton resident Christina Comparato, who is not Hank's owner but helped spread the word that Hank was missing. "So many of you responded and were concerned; What a wonderful community this is!"


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