Veteran's Memorial Pool Update

Property Line Concern
Property Line Concern
It has come to our attention that the newest design for a pool appears to encroach on an adjacent owner's land.  Attached is the plan prepared by Weston & Sampson with the property line highlighted. It appears as if two thirds of a leaching field is on land not owned by the Town, but by Myopia.  It has also come to our attention that the Town delivered an offer to purchase the property, an offer that is not likely to be accepted.  Naturally, we are wondering where that leaves this proposed plan and, just as importantly, why a plan would be drawn that encroaches on someone else's property without predetermination of a solution.  If you have additional information that will help clarify this issue, please use the comment section to let us know.

Thank you,

The Steering Committee of EiE

Jay Burnham February 24, 2014 at 02:08 PM
Perhaps the question posed in this update will be answered tonight (2/24) at the public meeting of the Hamilton-Wenham Joint Recreation Committee at 6:30 PM at the Recreation Department at the back of the library. The Blue Ribbon Committee has also been asked to participate tonight, so it's an important meeting and should be informative.
Jay Burnham February 25, 2014 at 07:48 AM
Last night (2/24) the Joint Recreation Committee met with the Blue Ribbon Committee and this topic was discussed, as were many others. Sean Timmons stated that Weston & Sampson has known all along that the plan encroaches the neighbor's land and that W&S was told to draw it anyway in hopes that the neighbor (Myopia) would acquiesce. At this point, that does not appear to be the case. As a result, the plans may have to be redrawn and possibly even a new RFP issued to reflect any necessary changes. All of which will take time, which is now in short supply with the Annual Town Meeting coming up in just 39 days. Other items were discussed, such as Operational vs Structural bather loads, a traffic study that recommends a new crossing and traffic light, responsibility for annual operations and maintenance, programming projections, capital costs, timelines and more. It was a very productive, open and informative meeting with good discussion and answers to the Blue Ribbon Committee's many questions.
William Dery February 25, 2014 at 08:01 AM
part 1 Apparently the BOS has spent 200K developing the Patton Park Pool, including surveys and construction plans, which the bid is now on the street for an approximately 2 million dollar. The Rec. Com. has indicated that the subcontractor bids will be opened March 13th and the general contractor and award will be March 20th This is a very tight schedule since some of the boards have not reviewed the plans. Upon preliminary investigation it has been noted that the plans being used indicates that most of the leaching field and all the reserve field is on private property. Also the property line touches the pool. It is required to have a set back of 15’. When queried both the BOS and Rec. Com were very much aware of these non conforming facts. When asked if there is an agreement with the owner the answer was essentially no. They also indicated that they were aware of this problem at the Special town meeting. It is as you know never disclosed. I seem to get the impression that they hope to negotiate something. Although Jen Scutari‘s last negotiation effort completely failed. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND spends $200k of a set of engineering drawing knowing that they are illegally building on other people’s land on the whim that we may get an agreement later. Of course the BOS just PO-PO it by saying we will just move things around. Well first you don’t just move leaching fields from one site to another they are not potted plants---they have to be tested, engineering applied and redrawing and approved. Second, up against wetland, property lines and the street, it may be impossible to cram in some 2 acres of leaching fields and reserve fields into a small footprint. Maybe we could reduce the size of the pool, there is a thought. The whole Engineering package has to be done over and I am sure at some additional expense. The bid package has to be either re-bid or we will have to re negotiate each sub ( Subs love change orders ---that is where they make money). In either case it will be expensive and take time. I am not even sure that the state will allow it since the bid package was knowingly fraudulent. The Rec. Com has indicated that there are no Engineering drawings in existence the show that they can simply move everything. To be proper and legal the bid package should have had two main options for bidding, the present one and the “we will just move things”. But the BOS is in such a rush, we are tripping over our selves
William Dery February 25, 2014 at 08:03 AM
Part 2 Unless between now and the ATM the BOS can get easements or something. The towns people cannot vote on this flagellant (spelled correctly) bid package. I believe this is indicative of the reason that the BOS should not ever go into land development business. Look at Patton, $80K/ year cost, 160K now, and climbing. Yet again controversy on ground water overlay and who knows which will win. 12 house on 4 acres or 1 house per two acres. Meantime the cost meter is ticking. Think of what would have happened if Perie had gone through. SO here we are at the pool a two million dollar package being rushed to the point of fraud. This is an indication of how back house deals are being processed by the BOS in spite of the OMLs. The way this is being handled is an outrage. I would hope that the voters send a clear message to these people that we will not accept this type of misleading behavior. I would like to remind the voters that the BOS has come down hard of the SCs spending. Even though we have returned millions to the towns and this year, for example an additional 1.7 mill through efficiencies they continue to be unhappy. They are upset about the various projects that we are implementing, such as all day kindergarten. Yet think nothing of squandering those same amounts for the development of an illegal oversized recreational facility. Where are the priorities? It is time for them to clean their spending house, as we did. It may be a 73% 27% split in cost but the priorities are not linier. On the pool, the town should step back, pull the bid, reevaluate by listening to others and possibly offering the votes realistic options for the Fall TM using proper procedures. The pool can be easily built over the winter. art


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