Local Equestrians Win Awards!

Back Bay Farm Riders
Back Bay Farm Riders

Back Bay Farm Equestrians Take Home Multiple Honors



IPSWICH, MA – March 27, 2014 – While much of the sporting world’s focus has been on the recently concluded Winter Olympics, the equestrians from Back Bay Farm – a riding facility located in the heart of Greater Boston’s renowned North Shore equestrian community – have been very busy collecting medals and honors so far in 2014.


Equestrians from Back Bay, which has served the community for more than 25 years, took the podium recently at several local equestrian events sponsored by the North Shore Horsemen’s Association in Danvers and the Massachusetts and New England Horsemen’s Councils of Marlborough.


“I’m so proud of all of our riders,” said Robin Petersen, Back Bay Farm’s owner and lead trainer. “Everyone across all age levels rode exceptionally well this season, and it was a pleasure to celebrate them and their horses. Most importantly, our riders care deeply about their horses and each other, and enjoy both the practice and competition involved in the sport. Their growing interest and passion will help ensure that the rich equestrian heritage of Boston’s North Shore communities will forever endure.”


Riders from Back Bay Farm participate in a variety of events each year, all of which promote equestrian activities and the many ancillary benefits they provide, while also supporting interest, education and excellence in horsemanship. Following are the Back Bay winners thus far in 2014, listed by region and event:


North Shore Horsemen’s Association Year End Honors (January 18, 2014)


Linnea Shenker, Hamilton – Champion of Beginner Pleasure; 2nd in Walk Trot Equitation; 3rdin Walk Trot Rails

Cara Sciola, Beverly – Champion of Children’s Special Hunter; Champion of the Special Schooling Hunter

Grace Perryman, Hamilton – 2nd in Children’s Hunter Pony; Champion of Open Equitation 11 & under

Torei Guiditas, Topsfield – 3rd in Children’s Hunter Pony

Samantha Coleman-Lerner, Quincy – 6th in Children’s Hunter Pony

Elizabeth Crate, Beverly Farms – 8th in Children’s Hunter Pony; 7th in Open Equitation 11 & under

Alexandra Cotreau, Manchester – Champion of Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35; 5th in Low Hunter

Joe McMullin, Rockport – 8th in Modified Adult Hunter

Kristine Fagan, Essex – 6th in Adult Amateur Hunter 36+

Judy Cabot, Beverly Farms – 7th in Adult Amateur Hunter 36+

Sophia Carter, Hamilton – 5th in Open Equitation 11 & Under; 7th in Children’s Equitation

Emma Crate, Beverly Farms – 3rd in Open Equitation 12-14

Jessen Edlund, Boston – 7th in Open Equitation 15-17

Linnea Shenker, Hamilton – 2nd in Walk Trot Equitation; 3rd in Walk Trot Rails



New England Horsemen’s Council, Year End Honors (January 25, 2014)


Ali Cotreau, Manchester – Champion of Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35

Grace Perryman, Hamilton – Champion of Children’s Hunter Pony

Elizabeth Crate, Beverly Farms – 6th in Children’s Hunter Pony



Massachusetts Horsemen’s Council, Year End Honors (March 1, 2014)


Grace Perryman, Hamilton – 6th in Hunt Seat Equitation, 11 and Under; Champion of Children’s Hunter Pony

Joe McMullin, Rockport – 5th in Modified Adult Equitation

Elizabeth Crate, Beverly Farms – 5th in Children’s Hunter Pony

Reeve Sobol, Danvers – Champion of Children’s/Adult Special Hunter Horse

Samantha Coleman-Lerner, Quincy – 6th in Hunter Type Pet Pony



Zone 1 Stirrup Cup Awards


The Stirrup Cup awards recognize the accomplishments of America’s most proficient jumpers.


Torei Guiditas, Topsfield – 8th in Small/Medium Hunter Pony

Sophia Carter, Hamilton – 11th in Large Hunter Pony

Grace Perryman, Hamilton – 12th in Large Hunter Pony; 9th in Hunter Equitation 14 & Under

Emma Crate, Beverly Farms – 5th in Children’s Hunter Horse

Alexandra Cotreau, Manchester – 2nd in Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35

Judy Cabot, Beverly Farms – 4th in Adult Amateur Hunter 50+

Kristine Fagan, Essex – 5th in Adult Amateur Hunter 50+



About Back Bay Farm


Back Bay Farm is located on Candlewood Road in Ipswich. Robin Petersen and her husband, Peter Townsend, have owned and managed Back Bay for 15 years. With 14 acres, 11 paddocks and riding trails throughout the property, the farm offers the best of care for horses in its boarding facilities. The barn can accommodate 29 horses, and has both an indoor and outdoor riding ring. Robin has been training horses and riders for over 40 years, and her riding school caters to children and adults at all levels with a wide variety of lesson and privately owned horses. Robin welcomes students just starting out, who want to master the basics to feel secure in the saddle, returning adults or those riders wishing to show. For more information, log on to www.backbayfarm.com, or visit us on Facebook.


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