Letter to Anonymous 'George'

Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons
Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons
Thank you.  Your friendly, thoughtful action helped save much angst. I am very grateful, and for your smart efforts I am donating $100 to the Hamilton Wenham Education Fund (on top of the Goodwin Family annual contribution) in the name of Anonymous "George".

For the rest of town I would like to share the story of what could have been a much more complicated outcome. Last Friday, I wearing a trenchcoat I do not often wear, and thought I had put my car keys in my pocket.  Clearly what happened was I missed the pocket and the keys landed in the snow beside my car.

When I came off the train at the end of the day, I had that unfortunate sinking feeling as I patted may pockets, searched my briefcase, all without result. I called my wife to bring a spare key which she was "thrilled" to do considering we had a bunch of friends coming over in 15 minutes for a surprise birthday party. 

Upon opening my car there was a note on the seat that my keys had been on the ground next to my car, but Anonymous "George" had taken them to Dunkin Donughts and given them to the manager.

I grabbed them in time to make the loud and time-honored "Surprise". But the most pleasantly surprised person of the evening was definitely me.

Thank you George.

Tom Goodwin
690 Bay Road


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