Don’t Miss the YMCA’s Arts & Humanities Camps at the H-W Community House

Are you ready for summer? The Greater Beverly Y has so many fun-filled programs waiting for you!

At YMCA Summer Camps, children realize important life lessons and make memories each day as they learn from their surroundings and peers. They make friends, have fun and stay active while they discover who they are and what they can achieve. Whatever interest your child has, there is a Y camp for them. Led by caring, highly trained staff in a safe, nurturing environment, Y camps help kids grow to become happy, healthy adults with the self-confidence to accomplish anything.

Don’t miss the exciting Arts and Humanities camps at the Hamilton Wenham Community House beginning in June and running through August. There is something for every child including Jedi Training Camp, Theatre Arts Camp, Lego camp, Art camp, Science Camp and more!

Camps are filling up so sign up today! For more information contact Mary Ellen Mayo: mayom@northshoryemca.org and for Theatre camps, please contact Carissa Gerber gerberc@northshoreymca.org.  All camps take place at the Hamilton Wenham Community House 284 Bay Road, Hamilton.                                                  

Check out the scheduled programs and dates:

Jedi Training Camp - Sessions: 7/21-7/25

Ages: Entering grades 2-4, co-ed

Join the rebellion! Kids will master the art of light-saber battling, tour the STAR WARS galaxies, help write the history of the Huts and compete in STAR WARS trivia games. We’ll incorporate Lego challenges, cartooning and action packed outside game time. Are you a Sith or a Jedi?

Lego Camp - Sessions: 8/4-8/8 and 8/11-8/15

Ages: Entering grades 2-4, co-ed

Do you love constructing with Legos? Ever want to make a Mini-Me Mini-Man? Do you like Lego Trivia? Then join us for this hands-on exciting Camp! We’ll test different building methods and challenge your building ability with our daily Lego challenges. Lego Camp will employ the engineering design process, teach architectural elements throughout history and challenge the Lego builder to take their construction skills to the next level!

Science Camp - STEM Style! -Sessions: 8/18-8/22

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Ages: Entering grade 3-5, co-ed

Excite, Explore and Examine! In Science Camp we’ll harness the energy of the sun by constructing solar ovens and solar powered cars. Using digital microscopes the kids will learn the skills of a microbiologist to investigate living organisms from Patton Park’s pond. Then, they will use these skills to find microscopic evidence in our CSI unit to solve a macroscopic mystery. On our last day of camp we’ll learn about the cardio-vascular system and get to meet real scientist and engineers at Abiomed. Our Science Camp has been revamped to employ the 8 principles of STEM and engage and challenge children in higher level learning.

Hogwarts School of Magic - Sessions: 7/28-8/1

Ages: Entering grades 3-6, co-ed

Welcome to the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowlings epic book series! Young wizards will be immersed in the realm of Hogwarts. You’ll be sorted into houses, compete against other teams for the House Cup, be enrolled in classes like Potions and Care of Magical Creatures and join your house’s Quidditch team. We’ll also challenge your thinking skills with Wizards Chess and the Tri-Wizards Trivia Tournament. Coupled with our wizarding activities will be discussions in character development and the stories’ plots.

Hamilton Wenham (HW) Day Camp - Sessions: 6/30-7/3

Grades: Entering grades Kindergarten – 5, co-ed

Come join the fun in our 1st ever HW Day Camp specifically designed for younger campers. Campers will enjoy a variety of activities including arts & crafts, teamwork games, science, literacy, music and swimming! We have both indoor and outdoor fun for our young campers!

Art Camp: Famous Artists- Sessions: 7/7-7/11-Grades 1-2      7/14-7/18 - Grades 3-5

Ages: Entering Grades 1-5, co-ed

Draw Paint, Stitch, Glue, Press, Collage, and Print! Join us for a creative week of hands on art making! In addition to daily drawing exercises, campers will have fun learning about the life and work of five famous artists. Each camper will then make their own masterpiece based on the famous artists’ style, imagery, or materials. We often work large and messy materials, so please dress accordingly. Reagan Troutman has a BFA from Montserrat College of Art and is returning for her 3rd summer as Art Instructor.

Theatre Arts Camp -Session: 8/4-8/8

Summer Broadway Bonanza!

Ages: Entering Grades 3-8, co-ed

Take your talent to the stage! Work with highly trained theatre artists to bring your performance skills in singing, dancing, and acting to the next level. Learn proper singing techniques, rock the rhythm with challenging choreography, and dive into character development. Spend one week sharpening your skills as a triple-threat performer and be ready for fall auditions. Connect with other aspiring theatre artists your age and share your love of all things Broadway. Show off all your hard work with a performance for your friends and family on the last day of camp in the beautifully air-conditioned theatre space! Contact: Carissa Gerber: gerberc@northshoreymca.org

Theatre Arts Camp- Session: 7/7-7/11

Summer Musical Spectacle!

Ages: Entering Grades 1-5, co-ed

Sing, dance, and act on stage with new friends this summer! A classic show-tune will dazzle the audience while you sing your heart out. Get your friends and family moving while your dancing feet show off the choreography. Become a character and explore comedies and tragedies. Show off all your hard work with a performance for your friends and family on the last day of camp in the beautifully air-conditioned theatre space! Our highly trained theatre artists are excited to help you explore your interests in the performing arts, discover unknown skills, and have a ball! Contact: Carissa Gerber: gerberc@northshoreymca.org



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